Muggy days and 5Ks…

Lost a tooth . Permanent teeth growing behind baby teeth, aka shark teeth, aka braces in the future.
Go team old people!

I guess it’s not as hot as peak summer, but the last two weekends have involved runs in 100% humidity.  Last weekend was 20 miles with the last 20 minutes faster than race pace, I was actually cramping at the end and  spent rest of the day with a horrible headache.  My clothes weighed about 20 pounds after the run, they were so saturated with layers of sweat.  My headache was bad enough I gave in and ordered salt pills after spending most Saturday’s this summer with a headache.  Better late than never?   This weekend was an alleged cold front and a 5k.  Like most marathoners I fear 5ks.  They are way too fast and hurt the whole time.  But I’ve learned that I have to do things like this to get faster.  We had a good workout Thrusday and I felt confident until I woke up to 75 degrees and 100% humidity (that’s a cold front?). The 5k was in my neighborhood which was pretty hard to beat for convenience.  So there was just a short jog to the start and we were off.   It was myself and Maria and George (aka coach).   As expected it hurt and I didn’t quite hit my paces given the humidity but I came out of it wanting to run another.  I really want to get better and these short,  painful races are key.  We all came away with hardware, which was cool.  And  I actually won a gift certificate!  It was to a crossfit gym though, so that was promptly given away.  (Dang)

Today was just a 10 miler which you are allowed to say the last couple weeks of marathon training, even though it sounds obnoxious.  But it was brutal, and discouraging.  It was so muggy I was drenched a mile in and I spent the rest of the day with a massive hangover sensation.  From 10 stupid miles, and I took salt.  I survived much worse runs this summer with much less carnage but I guess my body is just ready for fall.

Halloween decorations are up, humidity be damned.


A test, a pilgrimage, and a 10K…

Last weekend’s attempt at inducing fall….making fall themed cookies.
First night of gymnastics. Of course he loved it and was a natural.
Voo Doo donut love…

Sooooo busy the last couple weeks.  Between hard workouts, activities, fall fest planning, and way too much work, oh yeah and getting sick, there wasn’t much breathing room.

I knew fall would be wild.  There is just so much going on, but I know have one huge thing off my list, a certification exam.   That sucker’s been on my calendar since March and I’ve been studying two night a week for the last 6 weeks or so.   Saturday was my test (250 questions, ouch).  I won’t know results for 4 weeks, but I’m just glad it’s done.   I took Jasper on a Voo Doo donuts pilgrimage later.   I am ashamed it’s been here over a year and I just now went.   I thought it was worth the hype.  The donuts are really good and I am not a donut person.   The atmosphere is super fun.  The donuts are over the top and not really something I’d want for breakfast,but they are so inexpensive it was fun to get a few crazy flavors and sample them. Only gripe….horrible location.  It’s in the middle of a bunch of bars with no where to park.   Jasper and I ended up with almost 4 miles of walking round trip.  I’ll pay to park, no problem, but I had to draw the line at $15 dollar parking for a 30 minute, $5 donut excursion.   I’ll have to figure out something better for next time.

I’ve had a few good workouts the last few weeks.  We had a 19 mile progression run that I got the pacing right for, and I didn’t feel too sore the next day.   We had mile repeats this week that were done at paces I haven’t seen in 5 years.  This morning, coach had us do a 10k race with warm up and cool down.  The race was near by, but didn’t start until 8:30.   It’s really not fall at all, because by then the heat was getting pretty intense and the completely shadeless course was an oven.   Our goal pace was 7:30.  On one hand I bombed that, 7:40s for me.   But, that is the fastest I’ve raced at in 5 years, so I don’t feel completely defeated.  Plus it was a good effort and faster than I would have run on my own.   Also this run had the 10kers plowing right into the 5k walkers on loop two so there was a ton of weaving.  I’d like to think I could have gone faster without that, but who knows?   It was good  to race for the first time in over 5 months and get the cobwebs out, before the marathon.  Plus I had some Voo Doo donuts to race off…🍩🍩🍩

Up this week, Jasper had taekwondo, gymnastics, and cub scouts, Mike has the Melvins and Dinosuar Jr to see.  I have a 20 miler.  We need more weekend time!