Muggy days and 5Ks…

Lost a tooth . Permanent teeth growing behind baby teeth, aka shark teeth, aka braces in the future.
Go team old people!

I guess it’s not as hot as peak summer, but the last two weekends have involved runs in 100% humidity.  Last weekend was 20 miles with the last 20 minutes faster than race pace, I was actually cramping at the end and  spent rest of the day with a horrible headache.  My clothes weighed about 20 pounds after the run, they were so saturated with layers of sweat.  My headache was bad enough I gave in and ordered salt pills after spending most Saturday’s this summer with a headache.  Better late than never?   This weekend was an alleged cold front and a 5k.  Like most marathoners I fear 5ks.  They are way too fast and hurt the whole time.  But I’ve learned that I have to do things like this to get faster.  We had a good workout Thrusday and I felt confident until I woke up to 75 degrees and 100% humidity (that’s a cold front?). The 5k was in my neighborhood which was pretty hard to beat for convenience.  So there was just a short jog to the start and we were off.   It was myself and Maria and George (aka coach).   As expected it hurt and I didn’t quite hit my paces given the humidity but I came out of it wanting to run another.  I really want to get better and these short,  painful races are key.  We all came away with hardware, which was cool.  And  I actually won a gift certificate!  It was to a crossfit gym though, so that was promptly given away.  (Dang)

Today was just a 10 miler which you are allowed to say the last couple weeks of marathon training, even though it sounds obnoxious.  But it was brutal, and discouraging.  It was so muggy I was drenched a mile in and I spent the rest of the day with a massive hangover sensation.  From 10 stupid miles, and I took salt.  I survived much worse runs this summer with much less carnage but I guess my body is just ready for fall.

Halloween decorations are up, humidity be damned.

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