Post race blues…

Highlight of the weekend was a visit from the tooth fairy.

The buildup for this race was near perfect.  Despite sometimes missing my times during peak heat, most of the workouts I nailed. I spent the last three weeks hitting race pace or faster over and over.  I played the race out in my head with positive but realistic results.  Whenever a friend asked if I was ready I always said “there’s no reason I shouldn’t hit 8:30 pace unless I have a freak illness or have a bad day”.  Well, guess what happened?  Near perfect weather, no illness, but a bad day.  There were tears at the end.  I just classically hit the wall.  At 18 miles, no matter how much I told my legs to move they just kept slowing.

Here’s the silver (ish) lining:

I did get a Boston qualifier.  But not by much.  By 1 minute 36 seconds.  In the last two years, that was not enough to get in.  I probably missed getting in by just a handful of seconds.

Without a doubt, I got faster.  I spent 5 months doing weekly speed sessions.   I aced a 5k and 10k.   I completely trusted my training,  and wouldn’t change a thing.  I am a speedwork convert and am looking forward to hitting the track again soon (as soon as I can walk downstairs without wincing in pain).

I’m writing this on night two of not being able to sleep because my emotions are just running wild, (plus night two of waking up starving).  Failure is tough to accept.

I’m still deciding what to do next but have decided not to make any decisions until my legs quit hurting.  Go for it again in a few weeks in Dallas?  Blow off trying to get into Boston (this is year 5 of this trying nonsense and year five of coming up short)? pick a new goal?  quit marathons? take up Quiddich?

No need for comments.   I appreciate all the people who tell me “you still did great!”  I know they mean it, and I know this is a super, super small, not a real problem kind of problem.  BUT, 5 months of hard work is a long time, and I reserve the right to be sad for a few days.

The Frankenthon is still a fantastic race that I think offers a really good shot at a fast time, and I thank them for that opportunity.  Just wish it had turned out differently.  😟


4 thoughts on “Post race blues…”

  1. Oh man so frustrating! I have been dealing with it too even without the racing. After an injury and some other medical issues just can’t get my pace back. Think of this as a practice and do Dallas! I know you can do it. You’ve put in the work. It just wasn’t a good day for your body. We all have those days, and it’s so frustrating when it’s on a race day!

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