It begins again…

I was going to quit blogging due to chronic lack of time.  Not sure I’ll do much, but here and there I still update once in awhile.   I’ve been posting pics on intsagram, as I much prefer it to facebook.  But it’s not really a good place for race reports, so blogging it is!

After my marathon and some reflection time, I realized I picked a really hard race to get a good time (time trial almost), I was a little under the weather with a chest cold, and the hard fact is even if I had gotten my goal time I probably won’t be able to run Boston 2018 due to a work obligation.  So after a couple weeks, I moved on.  I had some very successful workouts and the full time change in weather meant things felt a little easier ( funny, now that change is too much, 21 degrees this am!).  I ran the Decker half and even though on paper my time isn’t great, it was about 10 minutes faster than last time I ran it, and I managed some hardware, mostly due to a generous awards structure,  it I’ll take it.   

And the biggest news……my credit card was charged $195………because I got into the Chicago marathon!   Whoop , whoop!!    I bucket listed this one awhile ago.  Over the last year or so I’ve several moments of realizing Jaspy isn’t a baby anymore and it’s time to do a couple things on my list.  This made it pretty easy for me to make a 2017 running schedule…3M half, Austin full pacing , the Austin 10/20 10 mile race and then Chicago.  I’ll throw in a couple 5ks but that’s it. I love planning trips and I’ve already been mapping out my Chicago agenda.  Only 10 more months….giggle.  

Next blogging goal is a 2016 wrap up…..hopefully.