Please running blog, don’t die…

My morning view, and calves that turn skinny jeans into tourniquets. Sigh….runner problems.

 This little guy loves to go on a morning run.   But he’s not such a good distance runner.   He’s a true sprinter,and does better chasing a ball or laser pointer until he passes out.   But this is often my view in the morning.  I’ll oblige him for a mile then drop him off inside the house where he sits and waits by the door for me to come back.  

The real guilt sets in when I meet my group to run, 2-3 times a week.   I try to make it up to him by throwing the ball in the evening, but it’s hard to tell that face “you’re not coming with me”.   It seems like all is forgiven when a treat gets given post run.

Anyhow, I’m trying to revive this dying blog.   After the Austin marathon, I’ve been running without any real focus, doing some workouts here and there and awaiting the next training cycle.  As much as I think it’s good for the soul not to have 20 mile runs every weekend, I admit to missing marathon training a bit when it’s over.  The post marathon blues were not as bad as they could have been, since I had Chicago on my schedule even if months away.   And, can I also say Chicago is helping my Boston blues.  Damn you, Instagram, with your endless pictures of runners posting Boston training runs.   So I follow Chicago Marathon’s instagram to remind me that great things are on the horizon!!!   

And speaking of great things, life goes on.  Lots of busy time with family and work, but plenty of time for fun.  Just nothing really blogable….that changes next weekend,  got a little 10 miler to report on.  I am most excited about brunch with friends after.  It has been way to long since I’ve done that.  I am in a period where I have to remind myself I don’t have a baby/ little kid anymore. Many of the things I put on hold for a few years can happen again,  like time with friends, and it’s —gasp—-not a big deal.   Does this mean run guilt goes away?   Not entirely, see the above picture.   🐶.  And I also still have a very early waker who requests treadmill time to get some mom time.  Not a big deal, I’ve hit a point where I know those days are numbered.   Time to enjoy them.  


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