A Noble Run 5K…

Enjoying the best prize ever…..food.

If you want to experience community running and how racing used to be, run a neighborhood 5K.  Marathoners can tend to poo-poo them, saying not worth the effort, but it really is a very tough distance when going race pace.  With warm up and cool down it ends up being a pretty good amount of running.  But the spirit of doing something for a good cause, getting kids to participate and the all comers welcome vibe is something you don’t get out of the big races that really is running at its best.  What it’s all about.  A sport anyone can do…you don’t even need to be able to use your legs, even wheelchairs are welcome.   

I did the Noble 5K this morning.   It raises money for a great organization and couldn’t be easier logistically for me, heading right through the neighborhoods I do a lot of training runs in.  Originally I was going to just take Jasp to do the kids obstacle course but made a day before decision to run, and Mike generously offered to bring Jasp so I could race.   (Side note….I sorta hate asking to him to get up early on a Sunday for a small, quickie race).  

I did an inverse taper, running 12.5 miles the day before in 1:59 as an unplanned ode to the Nike Breaking 2 project occurring the day before.  I was with my group at Brushy Creek and the weather was stellar, so it happened.  Although you can note that my Breaking 2 was an easy pace. 

I really want to get under 22:00 for a 5K.  My PR is 19 something and that ship has sailed with a time like that, but sub 22:00 isn’t unreasonable.  Today was perfect weather on a flat course so I thought I had a chance for a good time.  5Ks go by so fast.  Before I knew it I was back at the high school start, rounding the track and crossing the line in 22:01.   Doh!   So close,   Next time….

I did manage to get some loot though, and now own a tiki mug and got a gift certificate to take the fam out for dinner.  These small races aren’t a bad deal.  

 The best part of the morning is Jasper wants to run a 5k now.   He regularly does 1-2 miles at school and will do things like swim or trampoline for hours, so I think it would be pretty easy for him.  So next race looks like I’ll have a partner…

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