A few short summer races…

I ran several short races this summer and I meant to blog about every single one, but time got the better of me, and I failed to get a single picture.   First off…summer training.  It was all about Chi-town, my fall goal race.  And the usual heat and humidity.  There are not longer races in central Texas for good reason.  It’s just too hot.  While I like longer runs better, these short races are a true test of fitness and I have a bone to pick with the 5K….

First off in August was Vern’s no Frills 5K.  These are in Georgetown once a month and cost $1 and kids are free.  The only real con is it’s a bit of a drive, but a lot of competition actually shows up and lots of high school kids.  The course is pretty and the park is a little oasis.  I ran the 100th race, which was more of a celebratory affair.  There was an elite division in which women needed to be able to run a 17 minute 5K to enter.  Seriously.  The men’s winner was a 14 minute 5K.  Not sure on the women’s but pretty close to the 17 minute mark.  The people’s race was super crowded since it was the anniversary race, so it was more of a tempo than a true race effort for me.  The verdict:  it’s nice there are people in the world who do things like this.  A nice way to test your fitness.

Next up was Zilker Relays.  Teams for 4 runners doing 2.5 mile loops for a 10 mile relay race.  This was crazy fun.  Expensive (most your money is going to a full taco dinner with local craft beer), kinda a difficult time (Friday at 6:30 pm).  So I had never done it.  But it was a blast.  Totally worth it to put together a team.  We had a freak cold front which made the early September date doable.  I don’t remember what I ran here either, but our team was 2nd overall masters women’s.

Next Jasper did the Casa Super Hero 5k.  We’ve done this every year since he was 2.  This was his first year to do the 5K instead of the kids run.  We ran/ walked and had a blast.  It was miserably hot and he thought it was awesome I told him he could dump water over his head at the aid stations.  I think we did this in around 45 minutes.  Jasper claimed exhaustion and then did the bounce houses and obstacle course for the next one hour until I threatened him with my own passing out due to heat and hunger…

Finally, my new favorite 5K, the Ranger Run.  This is our middle school’s main fundraiser and right in my neighborhood.  I had 20 miles to do the next day, so it was a huge running weekend.  I did a 4 mile warm up through my hood then went down to the start.  This one I really wanted to race.  It was miserably hot….again.  I did low 22: something, don’t remember exactly (dipping into 21:xx was my goal).  I took off way too fast and got my masters mile PR, and ran a big positive split.  A fire was lit inside me to get better at the 5K, so you will see more on my schedule.  It’s fun to have your neighborhood out cheering you on for sure.

And that’s it for the summer shorties…now onto the big one…Chi-town!!

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