Since Chicago…


Life post Chicago was a blur.  I usually get the post marathon blues really bad, but I was too busy this time.  I immediately had to focus on my volunteer Coordinator job for Jasper’s school fall festival where I had 300 volunteer positions and 3 shifts to schedule.  It was like running a small company for a couple weeks.  I slowly eased back into easy running and just last week did my first workouts where I was all in.   Fall Festival was a whirlwind and a marathon in it’s own right.  Every year I swear never again, and next thing I know I’m recommitting.

In the middle of fall festival weekend, something we knew was coming but we were dreading happened.  We had to put Pancake to sleep.  We had 17 years with her.  Some parts of this whole process were easier then I thought, and some parts were harder.  The grief of losing a pet is very real.  For 17 years, I greeted her first thing in the morning, petted her when I needed comforting, and loved her like a family member.  Sometimes more, you don’t get in arguements with your dog.  She covered 100s of miles with me.   Mike and I have constantly been looking at old pictures and it has made me realize how old and frail she had become in the end.  She was my running buddy for about 14 years, then became Mike’s running bud for a mile here and there, and in the last couple years just walked.  Her last walk was about a month ago.  My only regret is on her last day, I wish I had known it was going to be her last day.  Each day since, the sadness comes in waves, but I am slowly transitioning to happy memories.  Having Davinci here has been a lifesaver.  His company eases the pain and we are super happy to have him.

There have been a lot of memories of her on my runs the last week and a half.  Running has been my therapy, as it always is.  I’m excited for upcoming races and also the quiet mornings where I can imagine my little running bud is still with me.


3 thoughts on “Since Chicago…”

  1. So so so sorry to hear about Pancake. I remember your first runs with her (and me). When you and Mike were in that apartment in Northwest Austin. When she first started running with you, she thought it was fun to VERY SUDDENLY bark, jerk hard and make a break for the truck tires as they drove by. I’m glad she got many many many more runs after she learned not to chase the tires! RIP Pancake.

    1. Thanks. It gets better every day and I couldn’t do it if we didn’t have another dog. Almost my entire “grown up” life was spent with her. It’s just hard to believe she’s gone. 😥

  2. Pancake was a family member… Only 4 feet instead of 2.🐾. Happy and grateful memories of her are always good to feel. After all, she was your first kid before Jasper.

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