1,2 and 3…

Love this picture!

For the first time in many years I am not pacing the Austin marathon.  I’m not even running it!  I’ve done 17 Austin marathons (8 of them were pacing it) and would have had a streak, minus the year I had Jasper two weeks before the race.  Last year I crossed the finish line and knew it was time to take a break.  I loved encouraging and meeting other runners, but after many years, it had started to feel like a job, and was limiting me from doing other races.  My marathoning years may be limited at this point in my life, so I want to do all those bucket list races, and the timing of Austin in February kinda messed up plans for racing a spring marathon.  I’ve been worried I’d regret it and be sad but so far I feel relieved.   It was nice to go and schedule a late spring marathon, the Vermont marathon,  to visit running buddy Steve and not work around Austin.  So there’s planned marathon #1.  I’m signed up for the Austin half marathon and that may be my local race from here on out…

I got a marathon entry for my birthday from Mike.  There was a lot of talk of getting that one international race off my bucket list.  Lots of discussion lead us (well, mostly me) to agree that this isn’t the year.  Jasper needs to be a little older to either go, or find a good childcare option.   There is a marathon in my future over the big pond, but just not this year.  So I entered Chicago again, just before the entry deadline.  Yes, I felt silly planning something almost a whole year away, but such is the way big marathons go now.  I absolutely fell in love with that race and cannot wait to give it another shot.  So there is planned marathon #2.

Planned marathon #3 is Boston 2019.  I can’t imagine I won’t get in with an 8 minute buffer.  If I can’t get in with that I am done with trying!!  But all prior history says I will get in.  I tried for that silly qualifier for 5 years, so I suppose I really need to go.   So just like that I ended up with a year and a half of running plans.

Guess I better start hitting the holiday sales and stocking up on shoes.  I’ll be needing them!



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