Running in 2017…


It is really cold and nasty for the year’s end, so a perfect time to catch up the blog before I haul Jasper out to the arcade.  Need to get out of the house….

It was a good running year.  I stayed injury free for most of it and just at the very end started battle with my chronically angry left hamstring (Grrrrr).  Overall, I felt like the speed workout continued to pay off and paces I couldn’t run a couple years ago I am able to run now.  I started this last year, but this year I was able to fully enjoy not having a very young kid anymore and not feel the constant guilt of heading out to run.  Jasper is still frequently up before 5am, but he entertains himself.  A couple years ago he did not entertain himself and I either ran on the treadmill or felt like a jerk for waking Mike up so I could run.  Now I get him breakfast if he’s up and head out.  It’s much nicer and I actually run with people quite a bit!

I raced the 3M 1/2 marathon in January, paced the Austin Marathon in February, raced the 10/20 in April, a 5K in May, another 2 5Ks in Sept, did the Zilker Relays for the first time, raced the Chicago Marthon in October and the last race of the year was a low key 5 miler.  My favorite race was Chicago and the runner up is the Ranger 5K in my neighborhood.  My next favorite was the Zilker Relays which was really expensive but worth it.  I said farewell to pacing duties and so far have enjoyed not having to marathon train in the coldest weather of the year.

I was consistent with my body pump class and started Pilates.  I sorta had to let yoga classes go, as there is only so much time.   Pilates has been a lot of fun as I almost always meet a friend.

For next year, I’d really just like to stay injury free and try to embrace some shorter distances.  I have two marathons scheduled but I’d like to otherwise focus on 5Ks.   My challenge is I’m a mileage junkie and I have to force myself to do shorter runs.  It’s a necessity as a runner ages.  Time and time again I read about successful older runners and none of them do high mileage and all do speed work.  Learn by example.

This year I also admitted to myself I prefer to have a group of running buddies.  I ran alone a lot when Jasper was younger.  Running is my social time and I give up happy hours, and shopping for running and gym time.  Even though sometimes meeting people was more of a “hassle” then just running in my ‘hood, I always tried to go for it and be social.   I want to keep that up this year.

Jasper did a couple fun runs but remains pretty uninterested in doing more.  If kids he knows are running, he’s all over it.  If it’s just home he’s pretty lukewarm.  I don’t push him.  I’d love to start a kids run group in the neighborhood, but he needs to show a little more interest first.  Maybe this will be the year.

I’m never one for resolutions (they never work!) and not huge on reminiscing.  Just looking for another year of health and the joy of hitting the roads. (And finding a sports bra that doesn’t chafe).