End of an era…


Over the Christmas break, Mike cleaned out the garage and I gave my mountain bike and my road bike to my neighbor.  This set up in the picture is the last time I really rode the road bike.  I used it on the trainer when I injured my back while pregnant, almost EIGHT years ago.  So, yeah, it hasn’t seen much use lately.  It was bittersweet.  I was glad to clear some space but sad to let it go.  My relationship with cycling never turned into what I had hoped.

It’s probably been about 15 years at least since I thought I’d give cycling a go.  I couldn’t decide between a road bike or a mountain bike so I got both…..a nice entry level mountain bike and a used road bike from a friend.  I loved mountain biking the easier trails but was never enough of a daredevil to really get good or even a little decent.  I was a horrendous road cyclist and quickly discovered I preferred to keep my cycling leisurely as opposed to making it a workout.  My cycling was the equivalent of going for a walk, intensity wise.  I had fantasies of 50 mile rides out into the hill country,  going on one of those bike tours that I was suddenly getting catalogs in the mail for (they seem to appeal to a more senior crowd, but sounded fun), and riding my bike to work.   The bike really started to die when I started ultra running.  I couldn’t cram in a long bike ride and a long run.  I always held onto the idea of hopping on the bike trainer before dinner for a quick spin (happened once or twice) but the truth was working full time, running 6 days a week and starting up yoga was enough for me.

The bike was my saving grace when I hurt my back.  I couldn’t even go for a walk.  I needed something for an outlet.  I worked up a sweat every morning on a bike with all the gears frozen up but one, and then was over joyed when a bike shop mechanic managed to fix it.  But as soon as I had Jasper and my injury healed, I was back at running.  There was no way I could manage working, baby care, running and biking.

I told myself I start up again when Jasper started riding and we could do family bike rides.  Jasper never really showed interest in biking.  So, his bike too, was given to a neighbor. I have no complaints, he loves riding his scooter, swimming, trampolining, gymnastics, and basketball.  You can’t do it all.  So my bikes both continued to sit collecting dust.

I haven’t given up entirely.  I figured if I really want to try again, it will be in another season of my life.  A time when there are no kid sports on weekends and no one in the house cares if I’m gone and I’m not in the middle of other projects.  That seriously may be in retirement.  Bike riding is sorta like golf to me.  I need a lot of leisure time to do it.  And by then, I’ll just invest in a new bike.

I’ve also thought that maybe spin classes are more practical at this point and time for me.  Maybe if I did decide to ride again a home spin bike would be a better choice.

I’m happy someone could use my bikes and my neighbor seemed so, so happy to recieve them as a stay at home mom with kids that enjoy riding their bikes.   I was still sad to let go of those bikes that had seen a lot of memories but never any hardcore riding.

Guess I’ve got some retirement plans now.

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