Farewell summer…

Cake is watching Usain Bolt…Olympic watching was awesome.  I will miss being able to watch track!

Farewell summer.  It went way to fast.  I already have a better game plan for next year.  More time off (I hope!) and some camps for Jaspy that are more fun.  The kids’ time off really does fly by.  

The last week was crazy.  I did all my runs on the treadmill including a brutal 16 mile.  It was supposed to be 19 but I timed out where I absolutely had to stop and get ready for work.  Meant to do the last three after work but running after work never happens.  Not only a mentally difficult but logistically hard.  Who wants to run at 9pm after being up since 3:30?  Yes, and last week included three 3:30am wake up days.   Like I said, it was a tough week.  I had to drive back and forth to San Antonio for work over the weekend, so I also sat in a car for a huge portion of the week.  It was a week I was happy to check the box it was over.  Now I have a certification exam I’ve been actually having to study for, and once that’s done I can focus full efforts on marathoning and the volunteer position I do with the school (aka second job).  So yes, fall is just as busy as summer!

The training is going well, I think.  Treadmill weeks are hard to tell since I set the pace ahead of time.  I’ve done a good job about embracing the off days more.  It’s been a hard transition to take off when someone else tells me, but I’m trying to follow all the rules and stay in the same schedule as my little group.   There were a couple of really hard days where I thought to myself “I better qualify after all this!”   I can proudly say I’ve been 100 % consistent on doing my track days once a week since May.  If I missed due to childcare I did the workout on the treadmill.   Been consistent with one day of weight lifting and short yoga sessions at home but yoga class has been tough to get to.  We are rejoining the Y and leaving the fancy gym due to the cost, Jasper hating the childcare, and some other reasons,  and I have access now to Mike’s work gym with a decent yoga schedule so maybe I can make it work again.  Even though the fancy gym was awesome, Jasper was much more willing to go to childcare at the Y.  And if he doesn’t want to do childcare most gym time is out.   So I’m hoping this means I can hit it up more than I currently do.

So back to school tomorrow.  I have enjoyed not having to leave the house by 7:15 this summer but the schedule starts back up.   Just a few months until Christmas break, right?


Short update…

Only pic of Six Flags, a few moments in AC playing air hockey.

This will be brief.  Summer has flown by and has been too busy.   We swam a lot, and work got too busy for all those little extra days off I wanted.   Jasper mastered a front flip off the diving board, and I took my 800 down 15 seconds.  In addition to a Disney trip, we went to Six Flags this weekend and it was BRUTAL.   Over 100 degrees with hour plus waits and no real areas to escape the heat and the food situation was a nightmare.  But Jasper and his friend LOVED it and he declared it to have the best rides.  Worth it.

I am loving the training group and am getting more used to hard-easy-hard.   The easy days are super easy and the hard days are much more intense than I was doing in the past.  We have recovery weeks that have me itching to run more and then build weeks with runs everyday.  I am loving doing something so different and really enjoy time with my new running buds.   I’ll detail it more later, but now I am off to work…..