Shopping, Loopy runs, and watch out, Michael Phelps…

Jasper experiences the joys of retail therapy
Nothing like an afternoon on the porch when it is only 99 degrees out…

Jasper and I were so sad yesterday, because Mike left for Ireland for the next 8 days.  We didn’t want him to go.  Me especially.  We’d been in a rough patch.  I was getting sleep deprived enough that it was starting to mess with my head.  Friday night I had 2, 2 hour sleep blocks and that was it.  Mark met me to run 15 miles, and I feel bad for whining to him about how tired I was.  Mike was nice enough to watch Jasper so I could go to Ashtanga yoga and I knew that combined with the run before would make me very sore today (yep…check that box).  We took Mike to the airport and cried that we would miss him being gone so long.   Pre-Jasper when Mike would travel I would book a lot of dinners with friends, long runs with friends, lots of yoga classes, and keep very busy.  Now it’s super hard to connect with friends, and my evenings will be at home…it makes it a little more lonely.

So Jasper and I did what anyone would do to feel better…retail therapy.  I had lost my sunglasses, so I now own fancy Oakley running glasses since I run after the sun is up about one day a year.  Jasper got a little train, and an Adirondack chair that he LOVES.  He’s been doing everything in it.  That made us feel a little better.  I got Jasper down for bed, watched a bit of a documentary, and went to bed while it was still light out, fearing yet another night of 4 hours or less of sleep.

I woke up at 230 realizing Jasper had not been up yet.  I fell back asleep and at 345 woke again thinking that he had almost slept through the night!!  I got up at 415, still no peep from Jasper.  Awesome.  I got dressed and got my ipod fired up to “Marathon Talk”, and got the baby monitor fired up.  I started circles around my block with a baby monitor check about every minute or so.  I know it sounds boring, but with the podcast it wasn’t that bad.  It took something like 5-6 laps to equal a mile, and I managed 7 miles before I ran by the baby monitor and heard someone talking and playing in his crib.  That meant the run was over, but I was super proud of myself for the 7.  So yes, no training plan this week.  Just aiming for 6-7 miles around the block and hopefully having a podcast on that I enjoy.    I was just super happy this worked.  It’s a big gamble, because Jasper just can’t wake up early, or no run for me.  Getting him ready for a  stroller run before work would just make me too late.

After getting us both fed and ready, we went to Jasper’s first swimming lesson.  He was a natural, loved it, and seemingly had no fear.  It was a lot of fun, which is good because we have a lesson every Sunday until the end of the summer.  The Scuba shop where he is taking lessons, just happens to be by Upper Crust bakery, so we went there next for a cinnamon roll.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of post swimming lesson cinnamon rolls.

Ok, I’m off for a yoga session in front of the tv while the little boy sleeps, and then we have a potluck this afternoon.  I have my fingers crossed we get another night of sleep.  I could really get used to this 7 hours in a row thing.



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